We carve stunning portraits of your loved ones, your bosses, your clients, and your crushes. Provide us with high resolution images and we do the rest.  Which is, carve unbelievable portraits in real pumpkin like nobody else. It took many years to develop our methods of hand carving the portraits. The portrait carvings we create photograph gorgeously and can take on an almost holographic appearance when viewed in person. The effect is truly mesmerizing.

  • Professional Photo Services: Want a high resolution image of your pumpkin portrait? We offer professional photographic services. A beautifully captured photograph is the best way to preserve your pumpkin. You can choose how we shoot your pumpkin in a variety of different set ups to create a unique look. We can even create custom backdrops.

  • Time Lapse Photography: Our team can also document the making of your pumpkin with time lapse photography. You will be able to watch and share a unique memento; a digital video of your pumpkin portrait being carved. Videos can be formatted to your preferred file type. Perfect for any type of viewing from social media on mobile devices and desktops, or for streaming and TV. We make it easy to deliver high quality pumpkin content for whatever your needs! Contact us for pricing and availability.

Please note: Portraits can only be as good as the photographs you provide. Please make sure to provide us with high resolution and well lit, photographs. High contrast lighting typically looks best. We can assist in choosing a photo that will make a great carving.