• Digging Up The Marrow the new film by @adam_fn_green and @alexpardee opens tonight at 7pm here in New York City at the Landmark Sunshine theater! Join us to celebrate one of our favorite artists and his movie! Tickets are still available! #AlexPardee #diggingupthemarrow

  • Wishing you all a Happy Turkey Day, from the Maniac Pumpkin Carvers family. We are so thankful for all the love and support you guys have shown us. Already looking forward to carving a lot more fantastic pumpkins for you all next season! During the off season, make sure to follow @chrissoria and @marcmaniac see all the other amazing work they do throughout the rest of the year!

  • And here is our Maniac Pumpkin Carvers senior staff: Founders @chrissoria & @marcmaniac. Senior Carver @pepechuey. And our Director of Ops @janinaleibo with her assistant @svenjamz! Thank you again to our whole 2014 Maniac team for another amazing season!

  • Now that we’ve had some rest and recovery time (after another insane pumpkin season), we want to introduce you to some of our amazing team. These are the carvers, sculptors, studio assistants, and messengers, who helped us make it all happen. Pictured left to right are @staceykeat @mustachebottleopener @jartista @raytion @mitchupitchu @sketch_93 @amayafyre @lenny_calvin_creations @monicamuller. Also a huge help this season, but not pictured are @estebandelvalle112 @rach2355 @vanessamercedesnyc @lizziebuckley @mermaidsuit @marchoftheant. And also our kind friends at @thegrandnationalbar @thebrooklynstar & @thewhiskeybrooklyn for all the hospitality. It’s such a pleasure getting to do what we love and work with people we care about.

  • We have some winners! We loved seeing all your pumpkins leading up to Halloween! There were so many great entries to #wearemaniacs that made it really difficult to pick the top few. But here’s our favorites: Michelangelo by @cosmicbackground88, Maleficent by @thiefjennyrue, & the zombie by @chefgoldblum. You guys rocked those gourds! Fantastic carvings, congrats!
    We will be in touch so we can send you guys some prizes!

  • “Day After Halloween” by Shel Silverstein. We hope you all had a great holiday yesterday! It always feels good to let out some fun, mischief, and fright. We have been loving all the wonderful ways you’ve been expressing your creativity! From costumes, to pumpkins, decorations, and other art. Keep on tagging the pics of your pumpkin carvings with #WeAreManiacs because we will be picking a winner later today!

  • This #repost is from @Disneyland! They had @maniacpumpkins carve up a vampire Mickey as a fun treat for all their fans and followers. Enjoy!

  • This pumpkin is currently in quarantine. What’s the scariest thing you’ve carved this year?

  • @maniacpumpkins co-owner @chrissoria carving up the new BMW i8 electric hybrid for @bmwusa

  • Happy Halloween from @maniacpumpkins !!! It’s been wonderful carving for you all this pumpkin season. We’ve loved sharing so many of our creations with you this year. We do all this because we love it! Your support, comments, and re-shares have meant the world to us. Enjoy the holiday and be safe out there!

  • “If I cannot inspire love, I will cause fear!” – Mary Shelley, Frankenstein.

    Each year we carve up some favorite horror classics. Please enjoy and share our 2014 version of Dr. Frankenstein’s monster! Happy Halloween!!!

  • It is such an honor to be able to #Repost our artwork from @themuseumofmodernart — Happy Halloween! Thanks to @maniacpumpkins for our Matisse “Boo Nude” pumpkin! Also check out MoMA’s new blog post on the past four years worth of Maniac Pumpkins at the Museum! Http://bit.ly/1yMaYt5

  • The Maniac HQ at @industrycitybk is cranking through the night. Halloween is finally here…

    They call us Maniac because we don’t sleep in October. We make sure we send out as many pumpkins as possible each season.

    Featured here is a pumpkin, based on a hand painted mural by @chrissoria and @marcmaniac, owners of Maniac Pumpkin Carvers. You can see the original mural and the pumpkin at Pasar Malam, in Williamsburg, BK.

    Also, can you guess which Artist Series pumpkin is in the background? It’s another past favorite we revisited for a special client this year.

  • Another pumpkin from our show @thecottoncandymachine. this sultry gourd is based on an original painting by @elizabethwinnel. Cotton Candy Machine has some beautiful original paintings of hers for sale in the gallery and on their website.

  • Are you ready for Halloween? Tell us about your costume in the comments and keep on tagging your pumpkin carvings with the hashtag #wearemaniacs We will have a few prizes for our favorite carvings.

  • One more #Repost from @goodmorningamerica! The day before us was @shaq and today @taylorswift was on. Not a bad week for @maniacpumpkins to be on GMA. — The @ManiacPumpkins duo carved us our very own GMA pumpkin! #GMAHalloween is only two days away…. πŸŽƒ

  • Hey fellow pumpkin fans! One more day until Halloween!!!! Check out this fantastic hand drawn animation by the wonderful @hombre_mcsteez - Marty Cooper!!!

  • The beautiful Camilla D'Errico inspired pumpkin from our exhibit at the Cotton Candy Machine gallery. Β A fan favorite from the show. Β The original painting that this is based on is still on display in the gallery! Do yourself a favor and go check out this stunning show of paintings by Camilla D'Errico and Hikari Shimoda. Their show is up until november 9th and is a must see. The works are truly magical. Β 

  • @vanityfair is ready for Halloween. Are you??? Check out this great #repost — We’re getting in the Halloween spirit thanks to this awesome pumpkin carved by @maniacpumpkins!

  • After leaving the set of @goodmorningamerica we raced over to @themuseumofmodernart to see our Matisse “Orange Nude” pumpkin, and see the original Blue Nude #2, which the pumpkin was inspired by. The Matisse: Cut Outs exhibit is a must see exhibit if you are in NYC! It’s open until February, but the pumpkin will only be there until it rots, so go visit soon!